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Zero One publishes research on your company that is open for anyone to read and shares analytics data with you. This makes us better than traditional broker research at increasing your company's investor engagement. Our firm is approved as a Bloomberg Investment Research Provider for publication of recommendations and forecasts.

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Our Services:

Thematic and In-Depth Company Reports

Quarterly Earnings and Event-based Reports

Bloomberg Forecasts and Valuation Models

Better than Broker Research

Even if you already have traditional broker research coverage, we're better. Our research is available for anyone to read and we share valuable analytics data with your investor relations team. No matter the size of your company, you're always a top tier client of ours.


Initial Research Call

We start with a conference call to discuss your company's industry, drivers, and long-term outlook.


Investor Financial Model

We produce a detailed financial model inclusive of forecasts and valuation, which can be published into Bloomberg.


Company Research Reports

Periodic research reports are published analyzing your latest earnings, events, or investment themes.


Investor Data Generation

Readership and usage of our research reports and financial models is tracked and shared with you so that you can build a universe of identified interested investors.


Investor Engagement

Over time, with data and research content, your investor relations team is able to more strategically target the most relevant investors for your company.

Research Snapshots

Report Sample

Report Sample

Financial Forecast

Valuation Model

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Over 15 Years of Investment Research Experience

Zero One's founder Vincent Fernando brings a wealth of experience having led equity research for over 15 years. Prior to his starting Zero One, Vincent covered most major industry sectors at Citi, Macquarie, and Religare Capital Markets.

Originally hailing from Boston Massachusetts, Vincent graduated from Tufts University with a Bachelor of Science and is a holder of the CFA certification.

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